“Tammy uses mindfulness everyday in her interactions with the world. She manifests openness and warmth that creates a space for healing. Her capacity to hold the pain of others is truly remarkable.”
– M.M.

“Her loving spirit and compassionate nature shine through each day, and her ability to share these gifts with the world is what makes her such a stand-up professional.”
– M.O.

“Tammy has a gentle and compassionate spirit. This in combination with her willingness to explore the dark, unexplored parts of ourselves makes her an invaluable professional in the field of psychotherapy. Able to remain present and warm-hearted even to the most undesirable and uncomfortable states, Tammy naturally puts people at ease. From this ground, one is encouraged by their own strength to explore themselves with less judgment and fear. She is a luminous jewel in the midst of confusion lighting the way back to ourselves and our own inherent wisdom.”
– R.P.

“As Tammy’s supervisor during her internship at Boulder College of Massage Therapy, I had the opportunity to become familiar with her work. Tammy’s approach is one of cultivating self acceptance. She is deeply kind, steadfast and energetic in her work with others. Tammy is a therapist who attempts to practice and explore personally all that she offers professionally. This promotes great integrity. Tammy is a naturally curious life long learner who is open to expanding and shifting her view as new information is integrated. All of these qualities culminate in Tammy creating an enlivened and compassionate healing space.” [Professional Supervisor 2010-present]
– Kathleen Naman, MA, LPC


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